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Watch Online Dance Plus 2 Complete Episode 17 September 2016 Episode, Dance Performances Finalists with Ritesh Deshmukh and Nargis Fakhri promoting Banjo

Dance Plus 2 has already reached great heights with each passing weeks and today was the second part of second week’s fun. Captain Shakti, captain Dharmesh, and captain Punit challenged the contestants and finally Remo marked them to select the second top 6 finalist. Watch the entire episode 8 of Dance Plus 2 and enjoy the dance performances of Shaziya and X1X Crew in final showdown.

Dance Plus Season 2 Sushant Dance Performances in Episode 8 – Captain Dharmesh Challenge Round

Last episode of Dance Plus 2 had Mentor Shakti and Mentor Punit’s challenges. Now was the chance for Captain Dharmesh to challenge three contestants and he gave a theme of ‘jhama’. The first one to accept the challenge from team Shakti was Sushant Khatri. He performed like a wave that carried all the viewers along. He was flawless with his act that let him get 20+ for his team and with that he becomes first contestant of season 2 to get 20+. It was huge!!

Mokshda Dance Performance in Episode 8 of Dance Plus 2

Mokshda Jailkhani, who is known for the hottest and sexiest dance plus 2 contestants ever came on this stage, performed on ‘Tu isaq mera tu’. She was simply superb and with her extreme energy and the sensuality she created with is act was truly amazing. She performed her complete dancing part on chairs. The balance, the expressions, everything was great. The judges just could find it as her best act and so she just managed to get 17+ for team Dharmesh.

Dance Plus 2 Mingma Dance Performance on her Mother in Episode 8 Aired on 24 July

Mingma is the only classical dancer on Dance Plus season 2 and with his dancing skills has already set a different level of dancing. Today, his performance was dedicated to his mother. He could express in a way better than ever plus his dancing made everyone gets connected. He got 19+ and after his act, he also found his mother watching him live on the sets. He was shocked plus surprised plus extremely happy. It was truly his day! Well, we’ll let you know the actual reason behind this soon. ;)

Final Showdown on Dance Plus 2 Episode 8 – Shaziya Vs X1X Crew – Punit Vs Shakti – 33 Vs 1

The final showdown was between team Shakti and team Punit. Like the last week, captain Dharmesh could not reach the final round and as a result, Tanay could not perform this week. It was Shaziya Vs X1X Crew which can be typically claimed as 1 Vs 33. The X1X crew was superb with their act filled with many wow and risk factors! On the other hand, Shaziya was no less. She is known for her power packed performances and today, it was like she gave her all to her performance. She was fantastically awesome that made her won the final round. Hence, Punit won and nominated Mingma and Urban Singh Crew for the top 6.

Remo Selected Mingma D’Lepcha to be the second finalist in top 6. It is worth noticing that the first finalist is Piyush Bhagat. Keep watching Dance Plus Season 2 and stay tuned to Star Dance Plus 2 for more related info!

Dance Plus 2 is getting excited with the every coming week and to add to the party Varun Dhawan and Jaqueline Fernandez are coming to promote their upcoming flick - Dishoom. Watch the complete Episode 7 of Dance Plus 2 on 23 July along with the Dance Performances, Videos of contestants like Famous Crew, Bandits, Yo Highness- Team Shakti, Team Dharmesh and Team Punit.
FAMOUS Crew is the hotshot contestant group in the leading dance reality show, Dance Plus Season 2. Different members of the group, F.A.M.O.U.S. group do different style. They have combined these all to make a unique dance form and call it as ‘street dancing’. FAMOUS crew is already a famous dance troop with its founder and lead dancer, Abhishek Das. Let’s read more to know much more about these Dance Plus 2 contestant group.
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Dance Plus 2 FAMOUS Group Details, Full Biography, Dance, Performance Videos

FAMOUS Group is actually a brand in itself that stands for ‘FAMily Of United Swaggers’! The troop is actually big, but Dance Plus 2 just has 6 members in this team. These 6 are power packed contestants and perform different styles. The styles that FAMOUS group are experts in are, B-Boying, Waacking, Locking, Hip-Hop, Krumping, and Electro. They have come together to call their unique dance style formed by the antiqueness as street dancing.
The crew is under the new mentor of Dance Plus 2, Punit Pathak and till now have performed their best to make their position in the show. The FAMOUS crew has a simple motive to spread the true meaning of their dance form, i.e. all mixed street dancing form. They believe that the best gift any artist can give anyone is ‘Inspiration’ and they are trying hard to inspire all dancers of the world about the new dance form. They have picked up such dance styles that are famous at specific parts of the country. Their mission is to let people know about the dance forms and make India, the hot spot for Dancing.

FAMOUS Crew Members, Their Dance Forms – Dance Plus 2 Contestants

·        Abhishek Das ( Leader)
·        Tejasvi 'Tee J' Patil
·        Shubhankar 'Hectik' Gawde
·        Hitesh 'SupaHit' Bhandari
·        Ujwal 'TrickTile' Gupta
·        Ayushi 'Ice' Amrute
·        Indrajit 'Mike-o-Flex' Kumawat
·        Pratik Shetty
·        Shri Ram.
·        Lalu 'Bboy Chocolate' Maykal
·        Prithvinath Prabhakaran
·        Akshay Suresh
·        Rohit 'Rawhit' Koduri
·        Esha Acharya
FAMOUS Crew has maintained their position in team Punit for Dance Plus 2. Their dancing is different and judges and the viewers always wait for the group to perform in their whole new way. The group has set a different level of dancing in the show and like all, even I’m their fan!

Keep watching Dance Plus 2 to witness the FAMOUS Crew and appreciate the efforts they put in each and every performance. Stay tuned for more info!
The episode 6th of Dance Plus 2 was the second part of this weekend. The dancers continue with their performances. The last episode witness Shakti and Dharmesh challenges. Now was the chance for Punit. Also, the top two teams were in for the final face off. BANDITS and Urban Singh Crew came for the final face off round. Let’s see who impressed the super judge, Remo D’souza.

Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 6, Performance Videos of Tanay, Yo’ Highness, Famous Crew, Piyush

The episode 6 of Dance Plus 2 started with the Dharmesh challenge in which Tanay was yet to perform. It was by far the best act on Dance Plus 2. Tanay acted like a rain drop that fall slowly from a tree and finally emerged into a river! He depicted the whole act so well and he was so damn cute that made him got 19 points. Above all, he won all the hearts out there. Kudos!! J

The next was Captain Punit Challenge round and he challenged for a battle field between Piyush, Famous crew, and the girlie gang, Yo’ Highness. Piyush performed on ‘Deewani Mastani’ song. It was actually a tribute to the super judge on winning the national award for the same! Piyush was as usual flawless with his dancing that let him got 19 points. Famous crew was the next to perform on stage of Dance Plus 2. A mishap happened that injured the founder and main dancer of the crew, Abhishek. So, just 5 members performed and they were so superb that made them receive 18 points. The last were team Yo’ Highness. These are power packed girls but today, they performed with all those girlie ‘adaye’ that made the act even more powerful. They got 17 points as a whole.

Dance Plus Season 2 New Episode 6 Updates Aired on July 17, 2016 – Face off – BANDITS vs Urban Singh Crew

The episode 6th of Dance Plus 2 headed forward with Shakti and Punit team having the highest of scores. So in the faceoff round, just two teams could perform. It was Urban Singh Crew vs BANDITS. Both of the dances were so enthralling and tremendous that made everyone stunned. The faceoff was ‘kadak’ and likewise the two teams dancing were! Finally, BANDITS made Team Shakti won the ultimate faceoff round. Shakti nominated Piyush and X1X crew to enter the top 6 finalists. Remo selected Piyush to be the first contestant to enter the top 6 of Dance Plus Season 2.

Watch Dance Plus 2 for more performances and stay tuned to Star Dance Plus 2 for related info! 

Dance Plus has started a whole new journey with its season 2. The first weekend is going great with the episode 6th to get on air on 17th of July. Half of the contestants performed in episode 5 on Dharmesh and Shakti challenge. Now is the turn for Punit and Remo’s challenge, on which the rest of the contestants will perform today’s eve! Piyush, Yo’ Highness, the B.A.N.D.I.T.S., Tanay and few other will give enthralling performances this weekend.

Dance Plus 2 Episode 5 Aired on 16 July – Performances by Sushant, X1X Crew, Mokshda

The episode 5th of Dance Plus season 2 had its grand premier on 16th of July. The episode actually had challenges through mentors, Shakti and Dharmesh. Shakti gave the challenge theme, Happiness! X1X Crew, Mokshda, and Shaziya performed on Shakti’s challenge. The next was Dharmesh, who gave prom style as Steps! The challenge was accepted by Sushant Khatri, Mingma, and Tanay. Tanay’s performance will be shown in episode 6th.
Mingma and Sushant’s performance was really well. Sushant’s dancing concept was out of the box and he depicted the same in a very awesome manner. The next was Mingma. His performance was so pure and he depicted each part in such an elegant way that made viewers connect with him. Overall, every performance was tremendous.
Watch -›-› Videos for Episode 5 from Dance Plus Season 2. 

Watch Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 6 Airing Sunday, July 17, 2016 – Punit and Remo Challenges – Urban Crew VS B.A.N.D.I.T.S.

The rest of the contestants of Dance Plus 2 will perform in the next episode i.e. episode 6 that will be airing on 17th July 2016. Firstly, Punit will give his challenge that will be accepted by 3 contestants. In the end, Remo will make a face off round in which BANDITS and Urban Crew will perform. The show is going to be much exciting with all the super duper acts of Piyush Bhagat, Yo’ Highness, Urban Crew, BANDITS, Wild Rippers and Famous Crew.
Catch all these exciting performance tonight at 8pm only on StarPlus and the official partners Hotstar and Voot apps. You can also download the given links to watch the episode online. Stay tuned for the episode updates!

Dance Plus season 2 is all set for the new season and today was the grand premier. The top 12 contestants are set to perform this weekend on the challenges quote by the mentors, Shakti, Dharmesh, and Punit and judge, Remo! The premier episode aired on July 16, 2016 that had many ‘kadak’ performances by Mingma, X1X crew, Shaziya and few others. Let’s read to explore more…

Dance Plus 2 Episode 5 aired 16 July, Videos, Mentor, Shakti Challenge

The first episode of Dance Plus season 2 finally released that had many amazing performances. The weekend will witness 12 performances and the best of all will directly be selected for the final countdown. Also, the best choreography will get 5 extra credits from super judge, Remo!
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The first mentor challenge was from Shakti. She selected Shaziya, X1X crew and Mokshda for the round. The theme selected was ‘happiness’. The first performance was from the power girl of Dance Plus 2, Shaziya. She showed 2 clear parts through her act. One was the taunts that she’ll directly get selected in the show because of her father, and the other part was her own will and dedication that made her what she is now! She got 17 points.

The next was X1X crew and they portrayed the happiness in their own risky way! There were jumps, pyramids, walks above 10 feet from ground, and what not… It was simply superb. Captain Punit calls them, ‘Jhama group’. They managed to have 17 points. The last was Mokshda. She acted ‘Meera’ who is in love with lord Krishna. She showcased that pureness of love in such an elegant manner that made her get 16 points.

Captain Dharmesh Challenge in Episode 5 of Dance Plus Season 2 – Performances by Mingma, Sushant, Tanay

Mentor Dharmesh from Dance Plus 2 challenge 3 contestants for prom dancing! The prom given was ‘Step’. Firstly, Sushant Khatri from team Shakti came. He acted on ‘Jaisa tera me, vese mera tu’. He was so flawless and the choreography was so superb that made the viewers go awe! He acted, he danced, and his performance was a complete package that made him got 18 points. Remo even commented that it was the best act so far.

The last performance from the day was of Mingma! He performed on ‘Khwaja mere Khwaja’. His act was so full of emotions and feelings that made everyone connect with his performance. There were some ‘wow’ factors that let him get some of the comments from the judges. Shakti even complimented him by saying that he is the star of season 2. He also got 18 points.

The rest of the acts will be revealed in episode 6 of Dance Plus 2 on 17th July 2016. Watch the next episode on Star Plus at 8 pm or on Hotstar and Voot apps!!

Dance Plus season 2 has become a huge buzz among dance lovers since its amazing audition rounds. Finally the show is heading towards the main stage grand premier episode that will be airing this Saturday on July 16th at Star Plus. All the mentors, Shakti, Punit and Dharmesh have 4 contestants each, given by the super judge, Remo D’Souza. The contestants are very talented and have come up with different and unique niches that will be showcased in the upcoming episodes!

Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 4 Aired on 10 July Reviews – Top 12 Contestant List

The previous week was confined for the top 12 selections for the great dancing reality show, Dance Plus 2. All the top 30 contestants who got the ‘plus’ trophy by Remo performed again in the mega auditions for confirming their place in the Dance Plus 2. Unfortunately, just 12 most deserving ones were taken and
furthermore, 3 were kept as standbys!

Here is the complete list of the contestants in reference with their mentors –
Team Shakti:
· Piyush Bhagat
· Sushant Khatri
· B.A.N.D.I.T.S. Crew
· X1X Crew
Team Punit:
· Mingma Lepcha
· Shaziya
· Urban Singh Crew
· Famous Crew
Team Dharmesh:
· Tanay Malhar
· Mokshda Jailkhani
· Yo’ Highness
· Wild Rippers

These top 12 contestants were definitely the best of all. The other 3 standbys dancers were –
· Ele Angels Girls Group
· Amit – Sakshi Pair
· Pallavi – Kushal Pair
These three contestants fortune will unfold in the 5th episode of Dance Plus 2.

Watch Online Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 5 Airing Saturday, 16 July Updates, Performances by Tanay, Mokshada, Sushant, Piyush

All the top 12 contestants will perform their best for the grand premier episode of Dance Plus 2. Sushant Khatri will perform a completely different act that includes swimming and climbing. It’s all going to be very magical and definitely a never seen before performance. Piyush will come up with his ghetto style. Mokshda will be seen again giving a hot dance number, whereas Tanay will perform his style adding different flavors to his contemporary. Overall, judges will be proud on their decision of selecting these 12 gems for their show!

Watch Dance Plus 2 Episode 5 on 16th July at 8 pm on Star Plus or download the entire episode from the given links. Stay tuned for more info!

Tanay is the cutest contestant of Dance Plus season 2. He was selected initially by Punit, the new mentor. The 14 years old kid performed contemporary on the main Dance Plus 2 stage that left all the viewers in great amazement. His flawless dancing and rubber like body was enough to pave a way to the reality show’s final top 12 contestant list. Tanay is born and brought up in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. His ultimate aim is to become a great Indian dancer. Read further to know more on Tanay!

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Dance Plus 2 Contestant Tanay Malhara Dance Videos, Biography, Pics

Tanay is a sweet and simple looking kid. His one side is very polite and calm, while the other side appears when he dances! His niche is contemporary and when he dances with his extreme sweet smile, world seems like flowing in the feelings he create in his act. His dancing is flawless and his body is completely rubber like. He twist and turn his body so smoothly that reminds of the last season of Dance Plus 2nd runner up, Hardik Rawat. He is expected to be a tough competition for the fellow contestants on Dance Plus season 2.

Tanay basically hails from Jalgaon, Maharashtra. In near past, he participated in dancing competitions like DID L’il Masters Season 2, Meet in Beijing 2013, Vijay TV Award, Jalgaon & Lokmat Yuva Manch, and Global Sustainable Biotech Congress at NMU in 2014. The small child has seriously done a lot at such a budding age!! Onw word that perfectly describnes him is 'Dedication'. 
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Watch Complete Dance Plus 2 Journey of Tanay with Mentor Dharmesh and Judges: Remo, Shakti & Punit

Though Punit Pathak, the new mentor selected Tanay for the season 2 of Dance Plus, yet in the mega auditions, he got his mentor as Dharmesh. Tanay has impressed all the judges of the show, be it the mentors, Dharmesh, Shakti, and Punit, or the super judge, Remo! His unique contemporary style plus yoga moves are enthralling and are appreciated by all. Remo was so much impressed that in mega auditions, Tanay was one of the two contenders, who got direct entry in the top 12 selection list. It is noticeable that the second selection was of X1X crew!!

Tanay is sure to give a tough competition to all other contestants and is considered to be a challenging contender for the Dance Plus season-2 trophy! Keep watching Dance Plus 2 on Star Plus to witness more performances of Tanay and rest other competitors. 

It’s time to watch handsome Varun Dhawan and pretty – pretty Jacqueline Fernandez on the dancing reality show, Dance Plus season 2. They actually are going to visit the sets to promote their upcoming flick, ‘Dishoom’. Watch Varun replicating the show host and slow motion king, Raghav’s moves soon in the upcoming episode! The actors will have an amazing time on the show. They’ll watch and even comment on the performances. Read more for complete information!!

Dance Plus 2 Raghav Teaching Anchoring Skills to Varun- Watch Complete Video

The beginning of the episode will start directly from the teachings!! Well, yes. It’s our very own host, Raghav Juyal will be seen giving anchoring related lessons to our ABCD 2 actor, Varun Dhawan. Varun will do it a way better and address all the judges in a very different style! He’ll call Remo as, “Super handsome, super cute, super ‘masoom’, super judge, Sir Remo D’Souza Sir!” Well, I guess, that’s enough to flaunt someone. :P

The next come the mentors. Firstly, talking about captain Dharmesh, he’ll be called as “Superman from Baroda”. Next for Shakti, “Super captain, captain Shakti”, and for Punit, “Super talky and super single captain”. :P Raghav will teach even few more tips to Varun from his guide named, “Dance Plus 2 Anchoring skills”. Later, Varun will start replicating Raghav and will flirt with the beautiful mentor, Shakti. This will make Raghav a bit jealous!! Aah! Well, anyone would expect the same!! ;)

Watch Dance Plus 2 Varun and Jacqueline Visit for Dishoom – Enjoyement at its Peak- Hot Jacqueline Images

Varun and Jazqueline’s visit on the sets of Dance Plus 2 sets will make judges, contestants, and even audience to get filled up with extra energy. Even both the actors will enjoy their day to its max. Varun’s taking anchoring classes from Raghav, or dancing with Punit and Remo on the song, ‘Disco Deewane’ from his movie, ‘Student of the year’. Also, Jacqueline and Varun will be seen dancing like the slow motion king, Raghav with his slow moves! Both the actors will also sing, ‘sau tarah k rog’ from their upcoming movie, ‘Dishoom’.

Apart from these, they’ll also perform with the contestants. The ‘FAMOUS Crew’ will perform on ‘Choli k Peeche’ that will make the guests goes awe. Also, the B.A.N.D.I.T.S.’ super performance on ‘Pyar hme kis mod pe le aaya’ will make Varun and Jacqueline to stand up and shake their booty with the group. After the super-fun, the guests and the hosts even clicked many selfies. Truly, the Dishoom actors will spend their one of the happiest days on the Dance Plus 2 special episode!

Stay tuned for further details! Watch Dance Plus season 2 episodes on the given links or on the official channel, Star Plus.