Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 5 16 July Updates, Performances, Challenges by Dharmesh, Shakti

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Dance Plus season 2 is all set for the new season and today was the grand premier. The top 12 contestants are set to perform this weekend on the challenges quote by the mentors, Shakti, Dharmesh, and Punit and judge, Remo! The premier episode aired on July 16, 2016 that had many ‘kadak’ performances by Mingma, X1X crew, Shaziya and few others. Let’s read to explore more…

Dance Plus 2 Episode 5 aired 16 July, Videos, Mentor, Shakti Challenge

The first episode of Dance Plus season 2 finally released that had many amazing performances. The weekend will witness 12 performances and the best of all will directly be selected for the final countdown. Also, the best choreography will get 5 extra credits from super judge, Remo!
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The first mentor challenge was from Shakti. She selected Shaziya, X1X crew and Mokshda for the round. The theme selected was ‘happiness’. The first performance was from the power girl of Dance Plus 2, Shaziya. She showed 2 clear parts through her act. One was the taunts that she’ll directly get selected in the show because of her father, and the other part was her own will and dedication that made her what she is now! She got 17 points.

The next was X1X crew and they portrayed the happiness in their own risky way! There were jumps, pyramids, walks above 10 feet from ground, and what not… It was simply superb. Captain Punit calls them, ‘Jhama group’. They managed to have 17 points. The last was Mokshda. She acted ‘Meera’ who is in love with lord Krishna. She showcased that pureness of love in such an elegant manner that made her get 16 points.

Captain Dharmesh Challenge in Episode 5 of Dance Plus Season 2 – Performances by Mingma, Sushant, Tanay

Mentor Dharmesh from Dance Plus 2 challenge 3 contestants for prom dancing! The prom given was ‘Step’. Firstly, Sushant Khatri from team Shakti came. He acted on ‘Jaisa tera me, vese mera tu’. He was so flawless and the choreography was so superb that made the viewers go awe! He acted, he danced, and his performance was a complete package that made him got 18 points. Remo even commented that it was the best act so far.

The last performance from the day was of Mingma! He performed on ‘Khwaja mere Khwaja’. His act was so full of emotions and feelings that made everyone connect with his performance. There were some ‘wow’ factors that let him get some of the comments from the judges. Shakti even complimented him by saying that he is the star of season 2. He also got 18 points.

The rest of the acts will be revealed in episode 6 of Dance Plus 2 on 17th July 2016. Watch the next episode on Star Plus at 8 pm or on Hotstar and Voot apps!!


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