Dance Plus 2 Episode 4 Written Updates 10 July, Performances, Top 12 Contestants Videos, List

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Dance Plus 2 Episode 4 was quite difficult for the super judge Remo as he was responsible to give Dance Plus season 2 its top 12 contestants. It’s worth noticing that episode 3 already got 6 finalists. Now, for rest 15 contestants, just 6 were to be selected. All dancers gave enthralling performances, but just 6 could impress the judges. Also, the selected ones were distributed among team Shakti, Dharmesh, and Punit. Apart, 3 contestants were kept as standby!

Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 4 Performances – Top 12 Contestants List

The episode started with the highly power packed performances. The first one to dance on Dance Plus Season 2 stage was the F.A.M.O.U.S. crew. The crew combines 6 dance forms, viz. B-boying, Locking, Battery, Electro, Hip Hop, and Popping. They combines these forms and call it street dancing!! They gave a sexy performance on ‘Haaye Raama’ song. Judges were so damn impressed that Shakti complimented them by saying, “It’s actually a privilege of Dance Plus Season 2 to have such a professional dance group!” Even Remo added, “Watching the performance made me feel how dancing brings everyone together.” Famous crew performance was seriously bang-on!!

The haze group performed next. They were great as always! The next cute performance was of a pair, Dharmesh and Dhruv. They performed Garba dancing style and were simply awesome. Finally the result for Famous group, Haze group, and Dharmesh & Dhruv pair was announced. Out of these 4, Famous crew was selected in Team Punit.

The next performance was of Amit and Sakshi. Their Latin Salsa was actually ‘kadak’ and were so engaging that judges commented that it was a delight to watch them perform. Another crew named ‘D Minics’. They danced on electrical dancing style. Last was a solo dancer, Ashvan. He danced and let everyone connected through his unique dancing with fingers. Out of these and the B.A.N.D.I.T.S. group, the sync masters, BANDITS got selected in team Shakti.

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Watch Dance Plus Season 2 Girls Performances, Hot Dancing Styles, Videos

The next were the Ele Angels crew to perform. Ele Angels are the little girls group who are power packed and showcase backing dancing style. Judges complimented them and said whenever someone does extraordinary; they say “After your arrival, industry will change!!” The next was a pair of Pallavi and Kushal. They performed and showcased such a beautiful dancing that complete surroundings were full of romance!

The one who dance next was Mokshada Jailkhani. She is another definition for hotness!! Her dancing made judges go awe. Dharmesh was so spellbound by her performance that he commented that it feels like 3 girls performed together as one! When she dances, there is energy plus a lot more feel. He also confessed, “If you are not selected, I’ll feel very bad.” Well, I can sense something really fishy is cooking!! :P The last was the Amarjeet who performed robotics. Out of these, Mokshada got selected for the Team Dharmesh.

Lokendra Pal was the next performer. He was the one who brings Puppet dance style on Dance Plus 2. The The sync brothers, Akash and Suraj were bang on with their mirror dancing. The last were the Urban troop. The Urban crew is from Delhi. They are actually the back stage dancers and have tried their best to get selected in the show that can change their lives. They performed Hip Hop in fusion with Bhangra!! Judges complimented him by saying that they are a unique package for season 2. Punit complimented them by his words, “If audience shouts for 5 minutes on a performance, then we are no one to comment. You guys were great and energy level was sky high.” Out of these, Urban crew got selected in team Punit.

Direct Selections in Dance Plus 2 Top 12 Contestants List, Episode 4 Aired on 10 July

The next contestant to perform was Tanay. He did contemporary by adding all cute elements. It was an eye capturing performance. Punit commented that if Tanay is to be described in a word, it would be ‘Dedication’. Remo commented that Tanay’s dancing is as cute as his looks! Tanay was the first contestant to be selected directly without any further thoughts!! Bingo… Tanay was given to team Dharmesh.

Another performance crew, the X1X crew was the next to perform. Their key factor is the risk taking. They do hip hop and wished that their should become a bench mark in Dance Plus Season 2. They were so stunning that no one can move their eyes while the X1X crew’s performance is on!! The pyramid in the dancing was formed on 4 girls. Shakti said that these 4 should be called as ‘Shakti’. The powerful moves and stunts made Remo select the X1X crew directly for top 12 in team Shakti. 
Apart from these, Ele Angels, Amit – Sakshi, and Pallavi – Kushal were kept as the stand by performers. And their teams will be declared later!
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