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FAMOUS Crew is the hotshot contestant group in the leading dance reality show, Dance Plus Season 2. Different members of the group, F.A.M.O.U.S. group do different style. They have combined these all to make a unique dance form and call it as ‘street dancing’. FAMOUS crew is already a famous dance troop with its founder and lead dancer, Abhishek Das. Let’s read more to know much more about these Dance Plus 2 contestant group.
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Dance Plus 2 FAMOUS Group Details, Full Biography, Dance, Performance Videos

FAMOUS Group is actually a brand in itself that stands for ‘FAMily Of United Swaggers’! The troop is actually big, but Dance Plus 2 just has 6 members in this team. These 6 are power packed contestants and perform different styles. The styles that FAMOUS group are experts in are, B-Boying, Waacking, Locking, Hip-Hop, Krumping, and Electro. They have come together to call their unique dance style formed by the antiqueness as street dancing.
The crew is under the new mentor of Dance Plus 2, Punit Pathak and till now have performed their best to make their position in the show. The FAMOUS crew has a simple motive to spread the true meaning of their dance form, i.e. all mixed street dancing form. They believe that the best gift any artist can give anyone is ‘Inspiration’ and they are trying hard to inspire all dancers of the world about the new dance form. They have picked up such dance styles that are famous at specific parts of the country. Their mission is to let people know about the dance forms and make India, the hot spot for Dancing.

FAMOUS Crew Members, Their Dance Forms – Dance Plus 2 Contestants

·        Abhishek Das ( Leader)
·        Tejasvi 'Tee J' Patil
·        Shubhankar 'Hectik' Gawde
·        Hitesh 'SupaHit' Bhandari
·        Ujwal 'TrickTile' Gupta
·        Ayushi 'Ice' Amrute
·        Indrajit 'Mike-o-Flex' Kumawat
·        Pratik Shetty
·        Shri Ram.
·        Lalu 'Bboy Chocolate' Maykal
·        Prithvinath Prabhakaran
·        Akshay Suresh
·        Rohit 'Rawhit' Koduri
·        Esha Acharya
FAMOUS Crew has maintained their position in team Punit for Dance Plus 2. Their dancing is different and judges and the viewers always wait for the group to perform in their whole new way. The group has set a different level of dancing in the show and like all, even I’m their fan!

Keep watching Dance Plus 2 to witness the FAMOUS Crew and appreciate the efforts they put in each and every performance. Stay tuned for more info!


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