Piyush Bhagat Dance Plus 2 Contestant – Wiki Details, Age, Girlfriend, Pics, Complete Biography

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Piyush Bhagat is a very talented dancer in Dance Plus 2. The 1997 born, 18 years old young guy is an expert in Hip Hop dance style and in the show he fused the style with ghetto to make it unique. In near past, he won another dancing show, “Chak Dhoom Dhoom”. Dancing came in his life at the age of 10 and till now, he has been a part of many ventures, nationally and internationally. He is all set for his new project and has already set another competition level in Dance Plus season 2.

Piyush Bhagat in Real Life – Dance Plus 2 Contestant – Family, Religion, Age, Biography

Piyush Bhagat, the 18 years old young talented Dance Plus 2 contestant is learning dancing since childhood. He is not into dancing, but a person born for dancing!! His idol is Michael Jackson and his main aim is to become a creative artist. Piyush is choreographer by profession and his projects include ‘Grand Masti’ and ‘Baar Baar Dekho’.

Piyush basically hails from Jammu and has travelled Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru, and many other places to figure out his passion. He learned a lot wherever he travelled to. Finally he found his aim and is already working for the same. In past, he was the one who lifted the winning trophy of ‘Chak Dhoom Dhoom’ and is equally excited now for Dance Plus 2. He shared that one of the friend, Aashriya Chand has helped him when he was completely shattered with the problems near him. She supported him to regain his joy and continue his passion. Piyush feels grateful to her. In his personal life, he finds betraying someone is the most difficult job. He got the best feeling of his life when he performed with ‘Brian’.
Attention Girls – This handsome talented dancer is not dating anyone!! ;)
Though he thinks that love is a beautiful feeling and is not something to be afraid of, yet he finds himself in another zone where love cannot make home! Anyways he consider his only valentine as Dancing and hustle for around 3 hours a day to be even better than ever before!!
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Here is a dance video of Piyush Bhagat on 'Pinga' in Dance Plus initial auditions round -

Piyush Dance Plus Season 2 Contestant – Remo, Punit, Shakti, Dahrmesh Reviews

Piyush was selected initially by Shakti for the Dance Plus season 2. When he performed in front of the key judge of the show, Remo D’Souza, everyone gave him a standing ovation and was spellbound by his heart throbbing dancing. He performed hip hop in fusion with ghetto dance form. The song he chose was ‘Pinga ga pori’ from the movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’. Remo exclaimed after watching his auditions act, “Even Sanjay Leela Bhandali would never have imagined this version of the song”.

In the final auditions, he’ll perform on ‘Dola re Dola’ from ‘Devdas’. His songs and dancing style are completely different. He always does something extraordinary that makes him unique. He is matchless to what others do on the show that makes him a tough competition for all other contestants on Dance Plus 2.

Keep watching Dance Plus Season 2 every Saturday and Sunday on Star Plus at 8pm to witness Piyush Bhagat’s dancing. 


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