Watch Online Dance Plus 2 Episode 5 Dance Performances 16 July Video, Written Updates, Final Team

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Dance Plus season 2 has become a huge buzz among dance lovers since its amazing audition rounds. Finally the show is heading towards the main stage grand premier episode that will be airing this Saturday on July 16th at Star Plus. All the mentors, Shakti, Punit and Dharmesh have 4 contestants each, given by the super judge, Remo D’Souza. The contestants are very talented and have come up with different and unique niches that will be showcased in the upcoming episodes!

Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 4 Aired on 10 July Reviews – Top 12 Contestant List

The previous week was confined for the top 12 selections for the great dancing reality show, Dance Plus 2. All the top 30 contestants who got the ‘plus’ trophy by Remo performed again in the mega auditions for confirming their place in the Dance Plus 2. Unfortunately, just 12 most deserving ones were taken and
furthermore, 3 were kept as standbys!

Here is the complete list of the contestants in reference with their mentors –
Team Shakti:
· Piyush Bhagat
· Sushant Khatri
· B.A.N.D.I.T.S. Crew
· X1X Crew
Team Punit:
· Mingma Lepcha
· Shaziya
· Urban Singh Crew
· Famous Crew
Team Dharmesh:
· Tanay Malhar
· Mokshda Jailkhani
· Yo’ Highness
· Wild Rippers

These top 12 contestants were definitely the best of all. The other 3 standbys dancers were –
· Ele Angels Girls Group
· Amit – Sakshi Pair
· Pallavi – Kushal Pair
These three contestants fortune will unfold in the 5th episode of Dance Plus 2.

Watch Online Dance Plus Season 2 Episode 5 Airing Saturday, 16 July Updates, Performances by Tanay, Mokshada, Sushant, Piyush

All the top 12 contestants will perform their best for the grand premier episode of Dance Plus 2. Sushant Khatri will perform a completely different act that includes swimming and climbing. It’s all going to be very magical and definitely a never seen before performance. Piyush will come up with his ghetto style. Mokshda will be seen again giving a hot dance number, whereas Tanay will perform his style adding different flavors to his contemporary. Overall, judges will be proud on their decision of selecting these 12 gems for their show!

Watch Dance Plus 2 Episode 5 on 16th July at 8 pm on Star Plus or download the entire episode from the given links. Stay tuned for more info!


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